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New Releases for August 2020

2020.08.04 15:22 Reddit_Books New Releases for August 2020

New Releases for August 2020

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Title Author ReleaseDate
Being Lolita Alisson Wood August 4, 2020
Inferno Catherine Cho August 4, 2020
The Fixed Stars Molly Wizenberg August 4, 2020
The Long Accomplishment Rick Moody August 4, 2020
Grand Sara Schaefer August 11, 2020
The Smallest Lights in the Universe Sara Seager August 18, 2020
The Erratics Vicki Laveau-Harvie August 18, 2020
This Is the Night Our House Will Catch Fire Nick Flynn August 25, 2020
Vesper Flights Helen Macdonald August 25, 2020
The Mystery of Charles Dickens A.N. Wilson August 4, 2020
Nights in White Castle Steve Rushin August 11, 2020
Eliot Ness and the Mad Butcher Max Allan Collins August 4, 2020
Six Days in August David King August 4, 2020
The Book of Atlantis Black Betsy Bonner August 4, 2020
Harrow the Ninth Tamsyn Muir August 4, 2020
The Last Uncharted Sky Curtis Craddock August 11, 2020
The Memory of Souls Jenn Lyons August 25, 2020
The Comeback Ella Berman August 3, 2020
Every Bone a Prayer Ashley Blooms August 4, 2020
No Woods So Dark as These Randall Silvis August 4, 2020
Bear Necessity James Gould-Bourn August 4, 2020
In the Valley Ron Rash August 4, 2020
The Boys' Club Erica Katz August 4, 2020
The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals Becky Mandelbaum August 4, 2020
The Death of Vivek Oji Akwaeke Emezi August 4, 2020
The Finisher Peter Lovesey August 4, 2020
The Weekend Charlotte Wood August 4, 2020
True Story Kate Reed Petty August 4, 2020
With or Without You Caroline Leavitt August 4, 2020
Before You Go Tommy Butler August 11, 2020
Choppy Water Stuart Woods August 11, 2020
Fire in the Blood Perry O'Brien August 11, 2020
Last Call on Decatur Street Iris Martin Cohen August 11, 2020
Lone Jack Trail Owen Laukkanen August 11, 2020
Then She Vanished T. Jefferson Parker August 11, 2020
The Midwife Murders James Patterson August 11, 2020
The Second Wife Rebecca Fleet August 18, 2020
When These Mountains Burn David Joy August 18, 2020
Grown Ups Emma Jane Unsworth August 18, 2020
Impersonation Heidi Pitlor August 18, 2020
Ordinary Hazards Anna Bruno August 18, 2020
Royal Danielle Steel August 18, 2020
Seven Days in Summer Marcia Willett August 18, 2020
Summer Ali Smith August 18, 2020
Sisters Daisy Johnson August 25, 2020
The Hierarchies Ros Anderson September 1, 2020
Historical Fiction
An Accidental Corpse Helen A. Harrison August 4, 2020
Paris Never Leaves You Ellen Feldman August 4, 2020
A Saint from Texas Edmund White August 4, 2020
Bronte's Mistress Finola Austin August 4, 2020
The Lions of Fifth Avenue Fiona Davis August 4, 2020
The Woman in Red Diana Giovinazzo August 4, 2020
Universe of Two Stephen P. Kiernan August 4, 2020
The Day Lincoln Lost Charles Rosenberg August 11, 2020
The Boy in the Field Margot Livesey August 11, 2020
A Traveler at the Gates of Wisdom John Boyne August 11, 2020
The Patron Saint of Pregnant Girls Ursula Hegi August 18, 2020
The Queen of Tuesday Darin Strauss August 18, 2020
The Exiles Christina Baker Kline August 25, 2020
A Furious Sky Eric Jay Dolin August 4, 2020
Fallout Lesley M.M. Blume August 4, 2020
Olive the Lionheart Brad Ricca August 11, 2020
The Hollow Ones Guillermo del Toro August 4, 2020
The Living Dead George A. Romero August 4, 2020
Bad News Travels James Swain August 4, 2020
Behind the Red Door Megan Collins August 4, 2020
Cry Baby Mark Billingham August 4, 2020
Dead West Matt Goldman August 4, 2020
The Eighth Detective Alex Pavesi August 4, 2020
The Last Mrs. Summers Rhys Bowen August 4, 2020
The Night Swim Megan Goldin August 4, 2020
A Private Cathedral James Lee Burke August 11, 2020
The Less Dead Denise Mina August 18, 2020
Payback Lorenzo Carcaterra August 25, 2020
The Silence Kendra Elliot August 25, 2020
The Cutting Room Ashley Dyer August 25, 2020
Squeeze Me Carl Hiaasen September 29, 2020
How We Live Now Bill Hayes August 25, 2020
The Socrates Express Eric Weiner August 25, 2020
The Friendship List Susan Mallery August 4, 2020
You Had Me at Hola Alexis Daria August 4, 2020
No Offense Meg Cabot August 11, 2020
The Dazzling Truth Helen Cullen August 18, 2020
Thick as Thieves Sandra Brown August 25, 2020
Science Fiction
Migrations Charlotte McConaghy August 4, 2020
The New Wilderness Diane Cook August 11, 2020
Short Stories
Why Visit America Matthew Baker August 4, 2020
A House Is a Body Shruti Swamy August 11, 2020
Convince Me Nina Sadowsky August 4, 2020
Imperfect Women Araminta Hall August 4, 2020
Luster Raven Leilani August 4, 2020
The First to Lie Hank Phillippi Ryan August 4, 2020
The Silent Wife Karin Slaughter August 4, 2020
The Wicked Sister Karen Dionne August 4, 2020
Under Pressure Robert Pobi August 4, 2020
We Are All the Same in the Dark Julia Heaberlin August 11, 2020
Blood Victory Christopher Rice August 18, 2020
The Second Mother Jenny Milchman August 18, 2020
Final Cut S.J. Watson August 25, 2020
The Glass Kingdom Lawrence Osborne October 6, 2020
Safecracker Ryan Wick December 25, 2020
Land of Wolves Craig Johnson August 4, 2020
The Palace Christopher Reich August 4, 2020
The Last Ocean Nicci Gerrard August 11, 2020
Tracking Game Margaret Mizushima August 11, 2020
The Warehouse Rob Hart August 18, 2020
Roughhouse Friday Jaed Coffin August 20, 2020
The Fifth Column Andrew Gross August 25, 2020
Fka USA Reed King August 25, 2020
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2020.07.01 20:00 Reddit_Books New Releases for July 2020

New Releases for July 2020

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Title Author ReleaseDate
Let's Never Talk About This Again Sara Faith Alterman June 9, 2020
Miracle Country Kendra Atleework June 16, 2020
Becoming Duchess Goldblatt Duchess Goldblatt July 7, 2020
Bright Precious Thing Gail Caldwell July 7, 2020
Notes on a Silencing Lacy Crawford July 7, 2020
Rockaway Diane Cardwell July 7, 2020
The Beauty in Breaking Michele Harper July 7, 2020
A Very Punchable Face Colin Jost July 14, 2020
Filthy Beasts Kirkland Hamill July 14, 2020
Austen Years Rachel Cohen July 21, 2020
The Answer Is… Alex Trebek July 21, 2020
Intimations Zadie Smith July 28, 2020
Memorial Drive Natasha Trethewey July 28, 2020
The Divine Miss Marble Robert Weintraub July 14, 2020
The Cold Vanish Jon Billman July 7, 2020
The Perfect Father John Glatt July 21, 2020
Unspeakable Acts Sarah Weinman July 28, 2020
Queen of Storms Raymond E. Feist July 14, 2020
Peace Talks Jim Butcher July 14, 2020
Trouble the Saints Alaya Dawn Johnson July 21, 2020
Empire of Wild Cherie Dimaline July 28, 2020
Flyaway Kathleen Jennings July 28, 2020
Hieroglyphics Jill McCorkle June 9, 2020
I Hold a Wolf by the Ears Laura van den Berg June 9, 2020
The Lives of Edie Pritchard Larry Watson July 7, 2020
Alice Knott Blake Butler July 7, 2020
Mother Daughter Widow Wife Robin Wasserman July 7, 2020
Sensation Machines Adam Wilson July 7, 2020
The Son of Good Fortune Lysley Tenorio July 7, 2020
True Love Sarah Gerard July 7, 2020
Scorpionfish Natalie Bakopoulos July 7, 2020
One Year of Ugly Caroline Mackenzie July 14, 2020
Age of Consent Amanda Brainerd July 14, 2020
Make Russia Great Again Christopher Buckley July 14, 2020
Mother Land Leah Franqui July 14, 2020
Other People's Pets R.L. Maizes July 14, 2020
The Nemesis Manifesto Eric Van Lustbader July 21, 2020
Dragon Fire Ted Bell July 21, 2020
Heaven and Earth Paolo Giordano July 21, 2020
Musical Chairs Amy Poeppel July 21, 2020
Near Dark Brad Thor July 21, 2020
Pew Catherine Lacey July 21, 2020
1st Case James Patterson July 27, 2020
A Star Is Bored Byron Lane July 28, 2020
Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Evolution Brian Freeman July 28, 2020
Strong from the Heart Jon Land July 28, 2020
The Kids Are Gonna Ask Gretchen Anthony July 28, 2020
The Butterfly Lampshade Aimee Bender July 28, 2020
Historical Fiction
Fast Girls Elise Hooper July 7, 2020
Artifact Arlene Heyman July 7, 2020
Bonnie Christina Schwarz July 7, 2020
Florence Adler Swims Forever Rachel Beanland July 7, 2020
The Color of Air Gail Tsukiyama July 7, 2020
Summerlings Lisa Howorth July 7, 2020
Utopia Avenue David Mitchell July 14, 2020
Crooked Hallelujah Kelli Jo Ford July 14, 2020
The Vanishing Sky L. Annette Binder July 21, 2020
The Woman Before Wallis Bryn Turnbull July 21, 2020
Hamnet Maggie O'Farrell July 21, 2020
The Book of Lost Names Kristin Harmel July 21, 2020
Crossings Alex Landragin July 28, 2020
The Island Child Molly Aitken July 28, 2020
The Two Mrs. Carlyles Suzanne Rindell July 28, 2020
Dewey Defeats Truman A.J. Baime July 7, 2020
Stranger in the Shogun's City Amy Stanley July 14, 2020
Survivor Song Paul Tremblay July 7, 2020
The Bright Lands John Fram July 7, 2020
The Patient Jasper DeWitt July 7, 2020
The Only Good Indians Stephen Graham Jones July 14, 2020
Wonderland Zoje Stage July 14, 2020
Malorie Josh Malerman July 21, 2020
Want Lynn Steger Strong July 7, 2020
The Lantern Men Elly Griffiths June 16, 2020
Never Look Back Mary Burton July 1, 2020
An Exquisite Corpse Helen A. Harrison July 7, 2020
Muzzled David Rosenfelt July 7, 2020
Of Mutts and Men Spencer Quinn July 7, 2020
Outsider Linda Castillo July 7, 2020
Survival Instincts Jen Waite July 14, 2020
The Revelators Ace Atkins July 14, 2020
Just Make Believe Maggie Robinson July 14, 2020
The Lost Girls of Devon Barbara O'Neal July 14, 2020
Never Ask Me Jeff Abbott July 14, 2020
The Daughters of Foxcote Manor Eve Chase July 21, 2020
Half Moon Bay Jonathan Kellerman July 21, 2020
More Better Deals Joe R. Lansdale July 21, 2020
A Royal Affair Allison Montclair July 28, 2020
Deadlock Catherine Coulter July 28, 2020
His & Hers Alice Feeney July 28, 2020
Goodnight Stranger Miciah Bay Gault July 28, 2020
Stone Cold Heart Caz Frear July 28, 2020
The Birthday Girl Melissa de la Cruz July 28, 2020
The Girl Who Lived Twice David Lagercrantz July 28, 2020
The Grove of the Caesars Lindsey Davis July 28, 2020
The Heir Affair Heather Cocks July 7, 2020
The Lost and Found Bookshop Susan Wiggs July 7, 2020
The Party Upstairs Lee Conell July 7, 2020
One to Watch Kate Stayman-London July 7, 2020
What You Wish For Katherine Center July 14, 2020
How to Save a Life Liz Fenton July 14, 2020
A Walk Along the Beach Debbie Macomber July 14, 2020
Love and Theft Stan Parish July 21, 2020
Science Fiction
A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor Hank Green July 7, 2020
Afterland Lauren Beukes July 28, 2020
Demon in White Christopher Ruocchio July 28, 2020
Short Stories
Fraternity Benjamin Nugent July 7, 2020
Last One Out Shut Off the Lights Stephanie Soileau July 7, 2020
Open Secrets Sheila Kohler July 7, 2020
Someone's Listening Seraphina Nova Glass July 28, 2020
Hurry Home Roz Nay July 7, 2020
The Golden Cage Camilla Läckberg July 7, 2020
The Shadows Alex North July 7, 2020
The Last Wife Karen Hamilton July 7, 2020
The Order Daniel Silva July 14, 2020
The Safe Place Anna Downes July 14, 2020
Blacktop Wasteland S.A. Cosby July 14, 2020
The Vacation T.M. Logan July 21, 2020
He Started It Samantha Downing July 21, 2020
Playing Nice J.P. Delaney July 28, 2020
The End of Her Shari Lapena July 28, 2020
The Wife Who Knew Too Much Michele Campbell July 28, 2020
When She Was Good Michael Robotham July 28, 2020
Who Are You, Calvin Bledsoe? Brock Clarke June 23, 2020
Beyond the Mask Brian P. Walsh July 7, 2020
The Bones of Wolfe James Carlos Blake July 7, 2020
A Dangerous Breed Glen Erik Hamilton July 14, 2020
Who Is Alex Trebek? Lisa Rogak July 21, 2020
When You See Me Lisa Gardner July 21, 2020
The Geometry of Holding Hands Alexander McCall Smith July 21, 2020
Gettysburg Kevin Morris July 21, 2020
House on Fire Joseph Finder July 28, 2020
The Bad Sister Kevin O'Brien July 28, 2020
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2020.01.17 21:24 MakeTotalDestr0i The New Generation of Self-Created Utopias As so-called intentional communities proliferate across the country, a subset of Americans is discovering the value of opting out of contemporary society.

The New Generation of Self-Created Utopias As so-called intentional communities proliferate across the country, a subset of Americans is discovering the value of opting out of contemporary society.
Ransom (a pseudonym) Heath, 42, and Eric Johnson, 36, on their way to feed the pigs at the East Wind intentional community in the Ozarks. Ransom (a pseudonym) Heath, 42, and Eric Johnson, 36, on their way to feed the pigs at the East Wind intentional community in the Ozarks.Credit...George Etheredge By Mike Mariani Jan. 16, 2020
THE EAST WIND COMMUNITY is hidden deep in the Ozarks of southern Missouri, less than 10 miles from the Arkansas border, surrounded by jagged hills and tawny fields. Getting there requires traversing country roads that rise, dip and twist through chicken-wire-fenced farmsteads and grazing pastures cluttered with rusty agricultural equipment until you reach 1,145 acres of largely undeveloped highland forest, where cedar, oak, pine and mulberry create a dense canopy. Beneath that are 27 buildings and structures, including four large dormitories, nine personal shelters, a kitchen and dining facility, an automobile shop, a nut butter manufacturing plant and a cold-storage warehouse, all built over the years by the community since its founding in 1974. Outside, farm animals — six piglets, 50 chickens, several dozen brown-and-white cows — crunch through the carpet of winter leaves.
Nearby, a pair of women make their way down a muddy field, one pushing a wheelbarrow, to a weathered-gray wooden barn where they’ll draw gallons of milk from their dairy cows. A reedy man with a long, sandy mullet presses a chain saw to the base of a tree trunk. People stop each other on the dirt paths, asking about the understaffed forestry program, or recounting anecdotes about going into town to sort through credit card charges. Everyone has somewhere to be, yet no one is hurried. There are no smartphones in sight. The collective feels like a farm, a work exchange and a bustling household rolled into one, with much work to be done but many hands to be lent.
Continue reading the main story Image Aubrey DeLone, 31, harvests kale from a community garden.Credit...George Etheredge Image Milk drips onto a dairy cow's hoof.Credit...George Etheredge East Wind is what its 72 residents call an intentional community, a modern descendant of the utopian colonies and communes of centuries past where individuals share everything from meals, chores and living space to work, income, domestic responsibilities and the burden of self-governance. The term intentional community dates to the late 1940s, when the Inter-Community Exchange — an organization formed in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in the wake of World War II to help promote peaceful, cooperative living arrangements (in the hope of eradicating war altogether) — changed its name to the Fellowship of Intentional Communities; the founders felt the new title better conveyed the deliberateness with which these groups were assembling. The members of East Wind, for example, range in age from infancy to 76: Some have lived here for more than three decades, but around half of the population is part of a new wave, people in their late 20s and early 30s who joined in the last four years. These newer residents moved to East Wind to wean themselves off fossil fuels, grow their own food, have a greater say in how their society is run and live in less precarious financial circumstances.
According to Sky Blue, the 39-year-old executive director of the Foundation for Intentional Community and a former member of the Virginia-based commune Twin Oaks, which was founded in 1967, the number of intentional communities listed in the FIC’s directory nearly doubled between 2010 and 2016 (the last year the directory was published), to roughly 1,200. Although the number of people living in these communities is hard to pin down — the demographic is often deliberately off the grid — Blue estimates that there are currently around 100,000 individuals residing in them. “There’s an obvious growth trend that you can chart,” he said; millennials “get this intentional community thing more than people in the past.”
Image The road winds through open prairie en route to East Wind.Credit...George Etheredge Image Chris Turner, 27, walks the community’s vast property, which encompasses 1,200 acres.Credit...George Etheredge Image Don Rust, 69, assembles a rope sandal for East Wind’s sandal company, Utopian. Rust has lived in the community for more than 30 years.Credit...George Etheredge Image Austin, 24, blends in with the Ozarks’ autumn leaves.Credit...George Etheredge THE UNITED STATES HAS been a laboratory for experiments in alternative living since its founding. The English Puritans and Pilgrims who, wishing to escape the oppression and persecution of the Church of England, fled to America in the early 17th century to create smaller societies where they could live according to their faith were followed, notably, by the Transcendentalists in 1830s New England, who sought to distance themselves from the ruthlessness of the Industrial Revolution and instead lead a life driven by Romantic ideals.
In 1841, George and Sophia Ripley, Unitarians inspired by that Transcendentalist ethos, bought a 188-acre parcel of hills and pinewood forests in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, where they started one of the country’s earliest and most influential utopian communities, called Brook Farm. To fund the project, the couple created a joint stock company with 10 other initial investors; they sold shares for $500, promising investors 5 percent of annual profits, which they hoped to earn by selling handmade clothing, collecting tuition from a private school run by Sophia and offering tours to curious outsiders for a small fee. George even wrote to Ralph Waldo Emerson, the founder of Transcendentalism, in 1840, in hopes that the movement’s putative leader might join or otherwise invest in his social experiment, arguing that, at Brook Farm, “thought would preside over the operations of labor, and labor would contribute to the expansion of thought” in order to achieve “industry without drudgery.”
Because Brook Farm aspired to so many goals — abolishing the class system, promoting gender parity, dividing labor equitably, privileging intellectual and leisure pursuits, promoting self-improvement — it attracted social reformers and early feminists, theologians and authors (Nathaniel Hawthorne was a founding member). Though it peaked at just 32 people and was officially shuttered in 1847 after being devastated by debt, smallpox and a fire, it became an American model for subsequent utopian projects. Over the following decades, more communities, including the Amana Colonies in Iowa and the Oneida Colony in upstate New York, served as sanctuaries from materialism and modernity. By the early 1900s, though, many of these had collapsed under the weight of financial pressures, ideological strife and tensions between the fantasy of social enlightenment and the realities of manual labor and working-class living conditions.
It wasn’t until the decades after World War II, when large numbers of Americans began questioning their nation’s sociopolitical and environmental policies, that the desire to create alternative societies was renewed, leading to the “hippie communes” that would become indelible features of the 20th-century cultural landscape. Places like Strawberry Fields in Southern California, The Farm in central Tennessee and Drop City in rural Colorado encapsulated the radical freedom, social experimentation and consciousness expansion that came to define the 1960s and 1970s. By borrowing openly from the psychedelic movement, artist collectives such as Ant Farm, Fluxus and Art Workers’ Coalition, as well as subcultures like the Merry Pranksters, the Nature Boys and, too, the rising environmentalist movement — some of which had emerged in response to the Vietnam War — these new communes tapped into an iconoclastic strain of society that embraced socialist ideals and Eastern philosophical tenets (including detachment, spontaneity and pacifism), rejecting many of the prevailing middle-class values of the time, including the primacy of the nuclear family and the zeal for conspicuous consumption (upon joining The Farm, for instance, all members took vows of poverty). Many of these communes, lacking any codified organizational structure and struggling to cultivate steady income, eventually faltered, but they had already achieved a kind of dubious cultural immortality, ultimately becoming the nation’s measure for the alternative living arrangements and utopian enterprises that followed.
Image Mardock, 38, puts his hand on the head of a recently slaughtered cow at FooPin, East Wind’s processing facility.Credit...George Etheredge Image Mariah Figgs, 20, and her partner Kris Gilstrap, 29, stand in front of their personal shelter.Credit...George Etheredge
WHILE HIPPIE COMMUNES have become a cliché, their DNA has nevertheless been passed down to some of today’s intentional communities. Consider Cedar Moon, tucked inside a state park on seven acres of farmland near the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Up until 2004, the property was rented out to a rotating cast of free-spirited artists, activists and musicians, who lived in two old-growth timber-frame houses. When a developer offered the owner $1.5 million to convert the land into a housing development, longtime residents banded together to save it from a fate that would not only have left them homeless, but was antithetical to their values. In February 2005, 16 residents raised $125,000 in a month to buy the developer’s option contract — effectively removing the immediate threat — and then scrambled to secure the $1.5 million required to buy the property (nearly half of which, ironically, came from bank loans) over the next year.
In addition to the two original houses and a ramshackle barn, the property now consists of a sauna, yurt, outdoor kitchen, performance stage, composting-toilet outhouse and elaborate, brightly-painted gazebo that the 20 residents, who built everything themselves, call the T-Whale. Several of the structures are made of cob, a composite of clay, sand and straw that was popularized in England in the late Middle Ages and is extremely energy-efficient because of its high thermal mass. Almost everyone earns income outside of the community — Cedar Moon is not technically a commune according to the FIC definition — and current members, primarily people in their 30s and 40s and their children, include several teachers, a therapist, a director at a nonprofit and an accountant. While everyone keeps their finances separate, they share groceries, appliances (there’s one washer and dryer) and operate based on consensus. “It’s such an anticapitalist thing, just to share,” said Brenna Bell, an environmental lawyer who lives there. “Our economy relies on growth. It relies on people consuming. And we are going very intentionally in the opposite direction.”
Members must contribute 10 hours of labor each week, which might include tending the apple orchard, milking the herd of goats or cooking for the community (living expenses total around $600 a month). Cedar Moon isn’t off the power grid, but its residents have a dramatically smaller carbon footprint than the average American because they share resources, grow much of their own produce, use composting toilets and heat their homes with wood-burning stoves. Vinnie Inzano, a 30-year-old graduate student in marriage and family therapy, moved to Cedar Moon a year and a half ago because he didn’t want to be “plugged into systems that are causing collapse,” he said; he feels the community offers a better way of coexisting with the environment, “combating the story of extraction.”
Earthaven, which consists of 329 densely forested acres within North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, and was founded in 1994 by 18 people in their 30s and 40s, takes sustainability even more seriously. The community of roughly 100 people, which member Chris Farmer described as “overeducated suburban refugees,” is entirely off the grid. Several solar panels, a micro-hydropower system and smaller photovoltaic installations scattered throughout the property’s hills provide all the necessary energy for residents, who are divided into 11 smaller neighborhoods, each with anywhere from one to 14 homes made of earthen plaster, straw bale and lumber felled on the land. Rachel Fee, a 39-year-old herbalist, moved to Earthaven in 2017 after five years living outside Asheville, N.C. She wanted a more communal lifestyle that fit her ideals and didn’t push her to work relentlessly; here, she’s no longer “inundated with the idea that productivity is your self-worth,” she said. But Fee was also clear that her living arrangement was uniquely challenging, requiring a willingness to fully cohabit with others. Her 800-square-foot, reddish-brown straw-bale home sits on a gently sloping hill that she shares with 20 people living in nine structures huddled closely together. The residents get their water from the same spring and bathe in the same bathhouse. “This is not an idealistic situation,” she said. “It’s not running away from the world and sticking our head in the sand — it’s reinventing the wheel.”
Image Tom Bailey, 62, has lived at East Wind for nearly 38 years.Credit...George Etheredge Image Angelo Goodreau, 16 months, stands in front of an East Wind building.Credit...George Etheredge Image Channel Salmons, 30, with her Alembic Hydro cell.Credit...George Etheredge Image Maddie sits on top of a woodpile.Credit...George Etheredge IN 2017 BJORN GRINDE and Ranghild Bang Nes, researchers with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, co-authored a paper on the quality of life among North Americans living in intentional communities. Along with David Sloan Wilson, director of the evolutionary studies program at Binghamton University, and Ian MacDonald, a graduate assistant, they contacted more than 1,000 people living in 174 communities across the U.S. and Canada and asked them to rate their happiness level on the Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS), a globally recognized measurement tool. They compared these results to a widely cited 2008 study by the psychologists William Pavot and Ed Diener, which surveyed past studies that used the scale to analyze 31 disparate populations — including Dutch adults, French-Canadian university students and the Inuit of northern Greenland — and discovered that members of intentional communities scored higher than 30 of the 31 groups. Living in an intentional community, the authors concluded, “appears to offer a life less in discord with the nature of being human compared to mainstream society.” They then hypothesized why that might be: “One, social connections; two, sense of meaning; and three, closeness to nature.”
Though many residents of intentional communities are undoubtedly frustrated by climate inaction and mounting economic inequality, others are joining primarily to form stronger social bonds. According to a study published last year by researchers at the University of California San Diego, more than three-quarters of American adults now experience moderate to high levels of loneliness — rates that have more than doubled over the last 50 years. Despite rising housing costs across the country, more Americans are living alone today than ever before. As Boone Wheeler, a 33-year-old member of East Wind, told me, “There are literal health consequences to loneliness: Your quality of life goes down due to lack of community — you will die sooner.”
Last February, Sumner Nichols, a 29-year-old who grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to East Wind four years ago, invited me to visit the community, which was originally established by a group of men and women who had been living at Twin Oaks and decided they wanted to use the knowledge and experience they accumulated to start their own commune. After amassing a handful of followers during stops in Vermont and Massachusetts, the fledgling group eventually settled in the Ozarks because the land was cheap and adjacent to water. The residents, whose commitment to industry has helped ensure East Wind’s longevity, crafted rope hammocks by hand in partnership with Twin Oaks in the 1970s before launching their own jarred nut-butter business in the early 1980s; their products, which are mainly sold across the Midwest, typically gross between $2 million and $3 million annually. All adult members of East Wind must work 35 hours per week in various capacities, whether cooking, gardening, milling lumber, maintaining infrastructure, looking after the animals or working in the manufacturing plant. Because it’s a relatively modest schedule, residents have enough free time to cultivate personal passions: Nichols practices wildlife photography, while other members produce and record music, study herbal medicine and create ceramics using the community kiln.
Even in the dead of winter, the property is stunning, with its undulating textures of ridges, glades and limestone escarpments. It was obvious how living here could reconnect people to the land, letting them hike, climb, swim and harvest in a way that is beyond reach for most Americans. As we passed a three-story dormitory painted Egyptian blue, Nichols told me that, as a college student in the late 2000s, he tumbled down what he calls the “climate change research hole,” reading websites that pored over grim scientific projections about an increasingly warmer planet. He’d joined the Bloomington, Indiana, chapter of the Occupy movement for a while, but saw the blaze of indignation dwindle to fumes without any lasting political victories. Afterward, Nichols felt wholly disillusioned by the corporations and government organizations that he felt had a stranglehold on his life. “It’s going to go how it goes,” he recalled thinking, so “how do you want to live in it?” After discovering several intentional communities online — many find East Wind and others through simple Google searches — he concluded that joining one was “just a more comfortable way of living right now.”
Image Richard “Boone” Wheeler, 33, stands in front of Lick Creek.Credit...George Etheredge Image East Wind Nut Butters’s almond butter.Credit...George Etheredge Image Kendra knitting.Credit...George Etheredge Image Chris Incorvia, 36, sits on a bucket in the community’s auto body shop.Credit...George Etheredge As evening approached, we met several residents who had decided to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather by gathering at one of East Wind’s “swimming holes” — sandbanks that run alongside Lick Creek and provide easy swimming access. As the setting sun glinted off the gently rippling water, one 31-year-old resident, who goes by the mononym Indo and who had been at East Wind for five and a half years, discussed what brought him to the community: “When I was in Babylon,” he said, using the term members of East Wind half-sarcastically deploy to refer to mainstream society, “all I did was follow economics.” While the residents have similar issues and problems as people outside of an intentional community, he added, here they were free from the cutthroat hierarchies that dominated the broader culture. “Instead of your boss telling you what to do, it turns into a social relationship,” he said. “We’re just reframing it from a different perspective.” Indeed, if there is any sense of romanticism running through the community — one that harks back to Brook Farm’s belief in a daily life in which individual freedoms are more fully realized and moral convictions more faithfully observed — it lies in the notion that none of us, actually, have to be complicit to political, social and economic forces with which we don’t agree.
But unless people are raised in an intentional community or something closely resembling one, they must still find a way to relinquish whatever perch they’ve already carved out for themselves before moving to one of these places. The choice is reminiscent of a line from Henry Thoreau’s “Walden” (1854), in which the Transcendentalist author assures the reader that if he were to follow a more intrepid path, he “will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; or the old laws will be expanded, and interpreted in his favour in a more liberal sense…. He will live with the license of a higher order of beings.” There will always, however, be the daunting task of letting go.
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2018.05.09 00:38 PolRevElectionReport 🏆 RESULTS 🏆 May 8th, 2018 Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, & West Virginia Primaries PolRevLIVE

IT'S ELECTION DAY! May 8th, 2018

Tonight, results from the 2018 midterm primaries will roll in from Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Track along the discussions here and on Progressive reddit with our PolRevLIVE Results Coverage!

Make sure to tune in if you cannot track results periodically, we aim to make it convenient for you by overviewing some of the key races tonight and highlighting the important ones that the MSM may not be advocating.
Because there is a limit on how much we can report tonight, we will be focusing solely on the primaries of our endorsed candidates.
In numbers, we will be following 37 races which include 38 endorsed candidates!.


(Timezone translation)
  • Polls close at 6pm local time (ET) (CLOSED)
North Carolina
  • Polls close at 7:30pm local time (ET) (CLOSED)
  • Polls close at 7:30pm local time (ET) (CLOSED)
West Virginia
  • Polls close at 7:30pm local time (ET) (CLOSED)


Indiana IN CD-05 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Dee Thornton (D) 🏆 18,073 53%
Kyle Brenden Moore (D) 8,077 24%
Dion Douglas (D) (PR) 3,520 10%
Eshel Faraggi (D) 2,583 7.57%
Sean Dugdale (D) 1,858 5.45%
Total: 34,111 563 of 597 Precincts Reporting (94%)
Indiana IN CD-06 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Jeannine Lee Lake (D) 🏆 8,887 38%
Jim Pruett (D) 5,981 26%
Lane Siekman (D) (PR) 3,606 16%
George Holland (D) 2,567 11%
Joshua Williamson (D) 1,695 7.31%
Jasen Lave (D) 446 1.92%
Total: 23,182 607 of 607 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Indiana IN CD-07 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Andre Carson (Inc.) (D) 🏆 37,401 88%
Sue Spicer (D) (PR) 3,485 8.19%
Curtis Godfrey (D) 723 1.70%
Bob Kern (D) 703 1.65%
Pierre Quincy Pullins (D) 224 0.53%
Total: 42,536 455 of 457 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Indiana IN CD-09 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Liz Watson (D) 🏆 24,981 66%
Daniel Canon (D) (JD, PR) 11,549 31%
Rob Chatlos (D) 1,100 2.92%
Total: 37,630 571 of 571 Precincts Reporting (100%)
North Carolina NC CD-02 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Linda Coleman (D) 🏆 18,346 56.0%
Ken Romley (D) 10,571 32.3%
Wendy May (D) (PR) 3,834 11.7%
Total: 32,751 158 of 158 Precincts Reporting (100%)
North Carolina NC CD-04 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
David Price (Inc.) (D) 🏆 51,989 77.2%
Michelle Laws (D) 11,036 16.4%
Richard Watkins (D) (BNC, PR) 4,341 6.4%
Total: 67,366 183 of 183 Precincts Reporting (100%)
North Carolina NC CD-05 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Denise Adams (D) 🏆 15,428 54.4%
Jenny Marshall (D) (BNC, JD, PR) 12,919 45.6%
Total: 28,347 263 of 263 Precincts Reporting (100%)
North Carolina NC CD-06 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Ryan Watts (D) 🏆 25,883 77.2%
Gerald Wong (D) (PR) 7,663 22.8%
Total: 33,546 172 of 172 Precincts Reporting (100%)
North Carolina NC CD-11 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Phillip Price (D) (PR) 🏆 13,403 40.6%
Steve Woodsmall (D) 10,286 31.1%
Scott Donaldson (D) 9,342 28.3%
Total: 33,031 281 of 281 Precincts Reporting (100%)
North Carolina NC Buncombe County District Attorney Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Todd Williams (Inc.) (D) 🏆 12,956 53%
Ben Scales (D) (PR) 11,369 47%
Total: 24,325 80 of 80 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH CD-02 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Jill Schiller (D) 🏆 17,808 54%
Janet Everhard (D) (PR) 11,320 34%
William Smith (D) 3,732 11%
Total: 32,860 576 of 576 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH CD-04 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Janet Garrett (D) (PR) 🏆 17,507 84%
Cody James Slatzer‐Rose (D) 3,385 16%
Leah Sellers (D) 0 0.00%
Total: 20,892 580 of 580 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH CD-05 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
John Michael Galbraith (D) (PR) 🏆 19,105 73%
James Neu Jr. (D) 6,976 27%
Total: 26,081 596 of 596 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH CD-09 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Marcy Kaptur (Inc.) (D) (OR, PR) 🏆 41,093 86%
Joshua Garcia (D) 6,916 14%
Total: 48,009 505 of 505 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH CD-10 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Theresa Gasper (D) 🏆 22,817 67%
Robert Klepinger (D) 8,717 26%
Michael Milisits (D) (PR) 2,496 7.33%
Total: 34,030 528 of 528 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH CD-12 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Danny O'Connor (D) 🏆 17,749 40%
John Russell (D) (JD, PR) 7,132 16%
Zach Scott (D) 7,099 16%
Jackie Patton (D) 6,137 14%
Ed Albertson (D) 3,436 7.83%
Doug Wilson (D) 1,648 3.76%
John Peters (D) 656 1.50%
Total: 43,857 603 of 603 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH Governor / Lieutenant Governor Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Richard Cordray / Betty Sutton (D) 🏆 423,264 62%
Dennis Kucinich / Tara Samples (D) (OR, PR) 155,694 23%
Joseph Schiavoni / Stephanie Dodd (D) 62,315 9.17%
Bill O'Neill / Chantelle Lewis (D) 22,196 3.27%
Paul Ray / Jerry Schroeder (D) 9,373 1.38%
Larry Ealy / Jeffrey Lynn (D) 6,896 1.01%
Total: 679,738 8905 of 8905 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH State House D-10 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Terrence Upchurch (D) 🏆 2,307 31%
TJ Dow (D) 1,506 20%
Aanand Mehta (D) 1,096 15%
Danielle Shepherd (D) 911 12%
Kyle Earley (D) (OR, PR) 617 8.24%
Ronnie Jones (D) 510 6.81%
Billy Sharp (D) 278 3.71%
Nelson Cintron Jr. (D) 261 3.49%
Total: 7,486 103 of 103 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH State House D-12 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Juanita Brent (D) 🏆 4,505 41%
Patrice Brown (D) 2,559 23%
Yvonka Hall (D) (OR, PR) 1,666 15%
Earl Campbell Sr. (D) 998 8.99%
Dimitri McDaniel (D) 813 7.33%
Isaac Powell (D) 555 5.00%
Total: 11,096 90 of 90 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH State House D-13 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Michael Skindell (D) (OR, PR) 🏆 5,370 56%
Tom Bullock (D) 4,272 44%
Total: 9,642 82 of 82 Precincts Reporting (100%)
Ohio OH State House D-14 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Bride Rose Sweeney (D) 🏆 3,835 42%
Steve Holecko (D) (OR, PR) 3,371 37%
Carl J. Burgio (D) 1,219 13%
Rick Raley (D) 795 8.62%
Total: 9,220 76 of 76 Precincts Reporting (100%)
West Virginia WV US Senator Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Joe Manchin III (Inc.) (D) 🏆 111,589 70%
Paula Jean Swearengin (D) (BNC, JD, PR) 48,302 30%
Total: 159,891 1744 of 1744 Precincts Reporting (100%)
West Virginia WV CD-01 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Kendra Fershee (D) (PR) 🏆 23,030 47%
Ralph Baxter (D) 18,542 38%
Tom Payne (D) 7,131 15%
Total: 48,703 581 of 581 Precincts Reporting (100%)
West Virginia WV CD-03 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Richard Ojeda (D) (PR) 🏆 29,837 52%
Shirley Love (D) 14,251 25%
Paul Davis (D) 9,063 16%
Janice Hagerman (D) 4,176 7.28%
Total: 57,327 612 of 612 Precincts Reporting (100%)
West Virginia WV State Senate D-17 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Terrell Ellis (D) 🏆 5,301 52%
Mary Ann Claytor (D) (OR, PR) 3,726 37%
Justin Salisbury (D) 1,156 11%
Total: 10,183 174 of 174 Precincts Reporting (100%)
West Virginia WV State House D-32 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Margaret Staggers (D) 🏆 3,309 29%
Luke Lively (D) 🏆 3,051 27%
Melvin Kessler (D) 2,586 23%
Selina Vickers (D) (PR) 2,535 22%
Total: 11,481 Numbers are unofficial, pending canvassing
West Virginia WV State House D-36 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Larry Rowe (Inc.) (D) 🏆 4,167 33%
Andrew Robinson (Inc.) (D) 🏆 3,837 30%
Amanda Estep-Burton (D) 2,699 21%
Clint Casto (D) 1,195 9.32%
James Elam (D) (PR) 918 7.16%
James Peters (D) 0 0.00%
Total: 12,816 174 of 174 Precincts Reporting (100%)
West Virginia WV State House D-51 Democratic Primary
Updated on 5/09/18 12:52:31 PM EST
Candidate (Party) (Endorsements) Votes Percent
Barbara Fleischauer (Inc.) (D) 🏆 6,098 22%
Evan Hansen (D) 🏆 5,623 20%
Danielle Walker (D) (PR) 🏆 5,086 18%
John Williams (Inc.) (D) 🏆 4,981 18%
Rodney Pyles (Inc.) (D) 3,941 14%
Cory Kennedy (D) 2,575 9.10%
Total: 28,304 Numbers are unofficial, pending canvassing


These are tonight's races that are either generals or primaries with endorsed candidates where candidates have gone unchallenged.
IN Democratic Primary for State House District 15
🏆 Chris Chyung (D) (OR, PR)
IN Democratic Primary for Wayne Township Trustee
🏆 Chuck Jones (D) (OR, PR)
NC Primary for Congressional District 10
🏆 David Wilson Brown (D) (PR)
NC Primary for Carteret County Commissioner District 6
🏆 Dennis Litalien (N) (OR, PR)
OH Democratic Primary for US Senator
🏆 Sherrod Brown (D) (PR)
OH Democratic Primary for State House District 73
🏆 Kim McCarthy (D) (PR)
WV Democratic Primary for State Senate District 14
🏆 Stephanie Zucker (D) (PR)
WV Democratic Primary for State House District 7
🏆 Lissa Lucas (D) (PR)
WV Democratic Primary for State House District 65
🏆 Sammi Brown (D) (PR)

Check out more info on our candidates by visiting the Endorsements wiki page.

Check out more info on other election dates by visting the Election Calendar wiki page.

Come join us on Discord to chat with us about tonight!

Coverage tonight provided by deadpoetic31 (Twitter), Tyree07 (Twitter), KellinQuinn__ (Twitter), and thepoliticalrev (Twitter)
submitted by PolRevElectionReport to Political_Revolution [link] [comments]

2017.10.20 05:44 darkstarhaze01 712 classic Howard Stern Radio Show Moments.

Phoney Phone Calls And Pranks 1:55:25 Phoney Phone Calls And Pranks - Tradio 1:32:02 The Songs Of Booey / Monkey Megamix / BaBa Booey's Greatest Hits 1:38:00 Stern Spotlight: Stuttering John Interviews ('88 - '03) 7:59:12 Fred Norris: The Power Of Drops 47:03 Howard At DC101, Washington D.C. -- March 1981 - June 1982 4:47:01 Howard At WNBC NYC, Part 1 -- August 1982 - September 1985 5:11:40 Howard At WNBC NYC, Part 2 -- August 1982 - September 1985 6:23:08 The Move To Mornings -- Early 1986 37:00 Backward Messages (1986) 10:55 The Cock Hotel (1986) 7:21 Sam Kinison (9-23-86) 44:38 Problems With The FCC & The Anti-Censorship Rally (11-86 - 4-24-87) 28:22 Caught Brown Handed (1-26-87 & 2-9-87) 28:29 George Carlin (2-16-87) 28:45 Messin' With Wrong Number (5-19-87) 10:49 Gary's Teeth & Breath (6-2-87) 16:50 Howard Tries To Buy The Elephant Man's Bones (7-19-87) 6:53 Gilbert Gottfried's Show Debut (8-18-87) 24:33 Dick Gregory (10-28-87) 40:20 Scott The Engineer DJ Tapes (1-4-88) 23:48 Howard Under DEA Investigation (3-10-88) 52:45 Sam Kinison vs. Bobcat Goldthwait (3-17-88) 34:02 Judy Tenuta (5-25-88) 35:38 Gary Takes Howard's Magazines (8-25-88) 10:38 Rae Stern Calls In (8-26-88) 21:29 Two Fingers In Paradise (10-6-88) 8:48 Fred The Elephant Boy Dial-A-Date (12-2-88) 43:50 1988 Christmas Party (12-16-88) 2:14:15 Sam Kinison (2-13-89) 1:48:28 Stuttering John's Problems (5-9-89) 24:13 What's Inside Fred's Bag? (6-2-89) 15:48 Gary's MTV Audition (6-6-89) 15:37 'Gina Man (6-9-89) 30:53 Sam Kinison (6-12-89) 1:22:30 Sam Kinison (10-10-89) 1:54:10 George Carlin (11-10-89) 17:53 San Francisco Earthquake News Update (10-19-89) 19:24 Sam Kinison, Richard Lewis (12-1-89) 1:24:18 Pat Cooper -- All In The Family (8-8-89) 41:58 Richard Belzer, Richard Lewis (1-24-90) 1:23:48 Gary Arrested (1-30-90) 16:38 Richard Lewis (3-2-90) 1:10:26 Sam Kinison, Joe Walsh (4-5-90) 2:20:20 Sam Kinison, Gilbert Gottfried (4-12-90) 1:08:24 Philadelphia Funeral (5-11-90) 1:01:35 Richard Belzer, Gilbert Gottfried (6-29-90) 1:04:44 Howard Names The "Wack Pack" (7-6-90) 9:00 BaBa Booey Is Born (7-26-90) 20:20 Howard vs. Angry Caller (8-6-90) 11:36 The Pope Of Pot (8-16-90) 26:22 The Stern Family Recordings (8-28-90) 28:12 Judy Tenuta (10-12-90) 1:01:53 Howard's Tantrum (10-22-90) 18:32 Andrew Dice Clay (11-20-90) 1:14:05 Stuttering John's Future (2-7-91) 1:09:30 Judy Tenuta (2-13-91) 41:04 Howard Argues With His Mother (4-1-91) 32:28 Gilbert Gottfried As Jerry Seinfeld, Jr. (4-5-91) 37:10 Cookie Puss (5-1-91) 15:10 Gilbert Gottfried Dial-A-Date (6-14-91) 55:55 Sam Kinison, Carol Alt, David Brenner (8-2-91) 1:49:18 Gary Nude Beach (9-3-91) 13:34 Bo Diddley (9-20-91) 46:14 Robert Claims He's Possessed (9-26-91) 17:31 Sam Kinison (9-30-91) 1:17:29 Woman Gets Naked For Plugs (10-2-91) 26:54 Fa Fa Flunky (10-2-91) 19:20 Mental Patient Call, Howard's Vision For America (10-3-91) 21:27 Jessie The Blind Girl Dial-A-Date (10-25-91) 1:44:40 Andrew Dice Clay, Leslie West (12-9-91) 41:09 Chevy Chase Fued ('92 - '08) 1:00:10 Howard vs. Gary (1-9-92) 18:36 Billy West As "Red" (2-2-92) 48:03 Henry Hill (2-21-92) 19:22 Gilbert Gottfried (3-2-92) 55:18 Gary's April Fools Prank (4-1-92) 13:29 Gilbert Gottfried, Dennis Miller (4-1-92) 1:10:20 Sam Kinison, R.I.P. (4-13-92) 1:16:20 Andrew Dice Clay, Frank Stallone (4-22-92) 56:10 Gilbert Gottfried (6-4-92) 1:03:48 Disturbing Videos, KKK Messages (6-25-92) 19:10 Zookeeper's Wife Dial-A-Date (9-14-92) 1:34:30 Howard's System Being Ruined (10-22-92) 16:45 L.A. Funeral (11-24-92) 41:52 Howard Stern's Private Parts -- A Look Back (1993) 47:53 Drawings On Back Wall, Goofing On Booey (3-5-93) 17:47 Robin's Self Portrait (3-5-93) 13:49 Howard Goofs On WCCC Hartford and Southern Rock (3-5-93) 7:00 Brian May (5-6-93) 35:42 Howard vs. Boston Universty (5-10-93) 15:06 Howard Complains About Ratings (5-26-93) 39:54 Gilbert Gottfried (6-22-93) 1:10:20 Howard Goofs On Don Imus, Makes Psychologist Cry (8-3-93) 47:43 Emerson, Lake & Palmer (11-16-93) 33:03 Andrew Dice Clay (11-18-93) 1:11:06 Scott The Engineer's Lung Capacity Test (12-20-93) 28:53 Howard For Governor (1994) 2:26:21 Scott The Engineer Stays Home (2-9-94) 22:47 Goofing On Grillo & Grillo's Lecture (3-18-94) 1:01:16 Gange Screws Up, Goofing On Gary (4-11-94) 23:55 PETA Girls (4-18-94) 28:20 Tiny Tim (5-6-94) 1:07:58 John Amos (5-9-94) 29:53 Marriage And Family Discussion (5-17-94) 33:21 Fred The Elephant Boy And Jolene (5-18-94) 32:12 Madonna's "Sister" Calls In (5-19-94) 35:21 Howard's Nerdy Teen Years (5-24-94) 20:09 Gilbert Gottfried (5-27-94) 1:15:12 Cleveland Funeral (6-10-94) 33:28 OJ Phoney Phone Calls, Reviews Of E! Show (6-20-94) 37:51 Electric Comic Book (6-28-94) 16:55 Female Caller Describes Fantasies (7-20 & 21-94) 1:01:39 Fred's Bachelor Party (7-25-94) 59:20 Gary's Smelly Phone And Brushing Lesson (8-3-94) 8:40 OJ Song Parodies (8-15-94) 22:44 Goofing On Scott The Engineer (8-18-94) 25:43 Gary Puppet Gets Stolen (8-22-94) 58:38 What Does Fred Do? (9-30-94) 22:32 Fred The Elephant Boy vs. Captain Janks (10-20-94) 27:48 Gary At The Learning Annex (10-21-94) 53:10 Gilbert Gottfried (10-21-94) 50:07 Gary Pranks A Guest (10-26-94) 37:13 Gary's Answering Machine (11-14-94) 24:33 Conan O'Brian (11-16-94) 39:32 Pat Cooper Freakout & Fallout (11-22 & 23-94) 1:00:58 George Washington Bridge Jumper (12-7-94 - Early '95) 47:43 Scott The Engineer's Haunted Hair (12-13-94) 13:45 Willie Nelson (12-14-94) 42:10 The Jackie Contest (12-16-94) 39:14 Black Movie Theaters (1-15-95) 27:50 Stories About Fred (1-17-95) 22:41 Howard's Rest Stop (1-26-95) 30:02 Richard Lewis (2-6-95) 33:06 Howard vs. Robin (2-15-95) 28:57 Howard's Trip To Atlantic City (2-21-95) 19:35 Dracula Gottfried (2-23-95) 1:01:39 The Killer's Confession (2-24 & 27-95) 1:03:53 Foot / Food Fetish Girl (3-1 & 2-95) 50:29 Strip Jeopardy (3-3-95) 39:59 Goofing On Scott The Engineer (3-8-95) 26:36 Kenneth Keith Kallenbach's X-Rated Movie (3-16-95) 27:43 Jackie The Salesman (4-3-95) 19:15 The Selena Incident (4-4-95) 38:00 Gary's Sega Channel Screw Up (4-18-95) 30:43 Howard Finds A Body In The Woods (4-21-95) 18:31 Howard Says Don't Edit My Show! (6- 7-9 -95) 1:23:40 Clarence Clemons (6-16-95 & 7-26-95) 1:27:07 Howard's Cyber-Sex Girlfriend (6-20-95) 33:53 John K. vs. Billy West (6-21-95) 48:59 Croix (6-23-95) 22:03 Nutless Patsy (6-29-95) 25:17 NHL Player Claude Lemieux And The Stanley Cup (6-27 & 28-95) 38:13 Summer Camp & Sex Stories (7-18-95) 24:14 The Bones Of Debbie "The Space Alien" Tay (7-19-95) 40:53 Midget In A Trunk (7-21-95) 36:46 Vietnam Stories (7-25-95) 32:40 Howard Visits Jackie's House (5-30-95) 21:56 Cyndi Lauper (8-2-95) 38:56 Weekend At OJ's (8-3-95) 40:00 Jerry Garcia, R.I.P. (8-10-95) 1:14:27 More Stern Family Recordings (8-14-95) 26:53 Jim Bakker's Prison Lover (8-17-95) 25:47 Scott The Engineer & Gary Report To Robin (8-17-95) 27:55 Howard Hates Mancow (8-22-95) 1:08:12 Gilbert Gottfried (8-22-95) 37:10 Striper Who Claims To Look Like Pamela Anderson (8-28-95) 29:44 Tony And Tina's Wedding (8-30-95) 1:00:32 Fake Suicide Caller (9-13-95) 20:11 Jillian And Elephant Boy's Date (9-18-95) 38:58 Jackie's Web Page (9-21-95) 20:35 Guess Who's The Criminal (9-26-95) 55:52 Stuttering John's Practical Joke Backfires (9-27-95) 12:57 OJ Verdict Discussions (10-5-95) 38:35 Robin vs. Suttering John, Howard vs. Ralph (10-10-95) 43:15 Chuck Negron (10-11-95) 53:09 It Doesn't Matta! Caller (10-16-95) 21:38 The Reverend Howard Stern (10-18-95) 54:18 Gilbert Gottfried (10-20-95) 57:22 Music Fight (10-30-95) 30:52 Miss America Book Fight (11-8-95) 57:40 Robin In San Francisco (11-28-95) 7:25 Plugs For Hotel Rooms (1-11-96) 31:46 Howard's $5,000 Sex Machine (1-15-96) 48:01 Caviar And Howard's Weight (1-18-96) 26:40 Goofing On Soupy Sales (1-22-96) 18:57 Ozzy Osbourne (1-29-96) 40:07 Joey & Marky Ramone (2-8-96) 48:24 Howard Yells At Gary And Stuttering John (2-9-96) 21:19 Jasmine St. Claire & Annabelle Chong (3-4-96) 56:15 Eating Jackie's Marshmallow For A Date (3-8 & 11-96) 58:33 William Shatner Enters ''The Homo Room'' (4-2-96) 28:13 James The Unfunny, Smelly Intern (4-17-96) 46:55 The Rainbow Room Incident (4-23 & 24-96) 43:20 Wedding RSVP Prank (4-23-96) 13:41 Ham Hands Bill (5-8-96) 20:17 Howard Pranks Wannabe Porn Star (5-15-96) 17:27 Scott The Engineer: Sad Sack (5-15-96) 25:45 Stuttering John Scams Grillo (5-16-96) 47:51 Rabbi Gottfried (5-21-96) 53:19 Jenna Jameson And Her Father (6-3-96) 25:21 Incest Wednesday (6-5-96) 50:09 Tiny Tim (7-2-96) 50:48 Crackhead Bob Dame Dat Dune (7-24-96) 32:57 Riley Martin's First Call (7-24-96) 15:18 Riley Martin's First Time In Studio (7-31-96) 36:10 Tribute Bands (8-8-96) 34:08 Mira Seagal (8-15-96) 37:52 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf's First Time On Show (8-16-96) 34:48 Henry Hill (8-22-96) 33:35 Sniffing The Playmates (10-9-96) 25:59 Amy Lynn & Tempest (10-23-96) 44:57 Monica The Mexican (11-1-96) 51:40 Yankee Parade Game (11-6-96) 27:17 Smokin' Joe Fraizer (11-13-96) 42:00 Robin vs. Fred (11-14-96) 23:41 Ralph's Lie Detector Test (11-27-96) 56:48 Nico Treasures (12-3-96) 52:52 Fred The Elephant Boy's Past (1-10-97) 47:53 The Jesus Twins (1-27-97) 29:30 Rodney Dangerfield (1-30-97) 45:54 Robin Pissed At Dominic Barbara (3-28-97) 15:36 Janine Lindemulder And The Arousal Machine (4-18-97) 1:20:53 Frank Gifford / Suzen Johnson Transcripts (6-11-97) 49:07 The Topless Sun Bather Across The Street (6-11-97) 15:58 Woman Calls In From Bathtub (6-26-97) 23:52 Stuttering John's Wedding Stories (7-14-97) 29:44 Stacy Sings For Howard (7-21-97) 1:14:52 Crazy Alice First Call (7-30-97) 12:08 BaBa Booey Candy Revelation (8-4-97) 20:51 Flip Wilson (8-14-97) 33:23 High Pitch Eric's First Time On Show (8-15-97) 31:08 Crackhead Bob At Graceland (9-9-97) 22:41 Scott The Engineer's Walk Of Shame (10-7-97) 47:58 Crazy Alice In Studio (10-7-97) 19:54 Scared Caller (10-17-97) 21:15 Gilbert Gottfried (10-22-97) 1:27:17 Captain Janks, Keneth Keith Kalenbach, Crackhead Bob (10-28-97) 24:40 Homeless Game (10-30-97) 17:40 How Many Push-Ups Can Scott The Engineer Do? (11-97 - 1-98) 1:32:12 Dr. Remulak (11-14-97) 5:00 Wack Pack Hypnosis (12-10-97) 36:28 Ralph At Star Trek Convention (2-24-98) 15:45 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf Karaoke, Nicolette Gets Evaluated(3-4-98) 49:56 Stephanie Gets Evaluated (4-1-98) 34:15 Carol Alt (4-30-98) 37:54 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf: People's Most Beautiful (5-8-98) 14:37 Gary The Retard Goes To Scores (5-27-98) 6:19 Ringo Starr (6-17-98) 38:50 Gilbert Gottfried (6-18-98) 53:25 Homeless Game (7-22-98) 21:09 Brian Wilson (7-24-98) 35:14 Jackie's Three Crummy Houses (7-30-98) 33:38 Intern Interviews Richard Simmons (7-31-98) 16:39 Measurements With Houston (8-10-98) 29:43 Howard Yells At Religious Freak (8-20-98) 12:42 The Homeless Game (8-20-98) 33:13 Gary The Retard Knowledge Question Game (8-27-98) 20:41 Handicapped Star Search (8-27-98) 24:05 Howard Plays Twister With Jasmine St. Claire (8-13-98) 42:21 Goo Goo Dolls Gay Dance Party (9-23-98) 32:42 The Orgasm Contest (10-8-98) 14:48 Wack Pack Halloween (10-30-98) 49:20 Smokin' Joe Frazier (11-6-98) 29:50 Homeless Game (11-9-98) 33:20 Houston Dial-A-Date (12-4 & 7-98) 54:14 Christi Lake Dial-A-Date (1-14 & 15-99) 1:02:07 James Brown (1-26-99) 37:58 Howard's Gay Dream (2-03-99) 14:52 Hollyweird Squares (2-23-99) 46:16 The Gang Bang Summit (3-3-99) 33:53 Kennedy Assassination Evidence (3-9-99) 29:35 KC's Lie Detector Test (3-11-99) 57:44 Howard's Sex Slave Solitaire (4-27-99) 17:57 The Saga Of Houston & Brad (5-99 - 1-01) 1:38:34 Midget Wrestles Playmate (5-5-99) 54:18 Mob Rat Anthony Fiato (5-10-99) 33:09 Barbed Wire Accident (5-14-99) 10:15 Does Jackie Enjoy Being Angry? (5-18-99) 45:53 Stripper Game (6-7-99) 30:53 The Babapology Tape (6-17 & 18-99) 1:21:27 The Freaky Feud (6-23-99) 42:34 The Debut Of Beetlejuice (7-14-99) 19:10 Angry Teacher Call (7-15-99) 32:00 Joey & Marky Ramone (7-20-99) 26:54 Beetlejuice Reads Lines (7-28-99) 7:40 Benjy's Behavior At Scores (8-2-99) 18:58 Triplet Dial-A-Date (8-18-99) 55:30 The Yankee Game Freak Show (8-30-99) 35:04 KC Can't Get It Up (9-2-99) 21:05 Gary Craps His Pants (9-21-99) 7:52 Gary Reads To Children (10-11-99) 11:13 Drunken Jackie Stories (10-18-99) 29:07 Wack Pack Carrots (10-20-99) 54:09 Bridy Brings Howard A Gift (11-18-99) 54:33 Wack Pack Politically Incorrect (11-19-99) 38:19 Beetlejuice Accepts Howard's AVN Award (1-10-00) 26:48 Who Wants To Be A Sex Millionare? (2-7 & 8-00) 1:42:33 Erica The Gymnast Saga (1-28 - 2-7-00 & 12-1-00) 1:57:21 Johnny "Mud" Mudman (2-28-00) 26:29 Crystal Meth Brothers (3-1-00) 16:18 Gary's Throat Clearing (3-3-00) 13:06 Who Wants To Be A Sex Billionare? (3-6 & 7-00) 53:33 Gary's Teeth (3-8-00) 15:26 Houston's Rubdown (3-16-00) 41:08 Hank The Dwarf vs. Beetlejuice (3-17-00) 37:18 Michelle The Teacher (4-4-00) 30:55 Gary Screws Up Movie Plans (4-7-00) 16:25 Homeless Jeopardy (4-10-00) 39:50 Dopey Strippers (4-13-00) 27:53 Howard vs. Gary: Who's The Better Sports Jock? (5-10-00) 9:26 Dynamite And The Wack Pack (5-22-00) 33:04 KC Asks ''Does A Horse Know It Won The Race?'' (5-30-00) 6:14 Eagle Scout (6-14-00) 23:30 Peter, Angel Of Death (6-22-00) 34:26 Crazy Alice Meets High Pitch Eric (6-22-00) 29:20 KC At Gay Pride Parade (6-26-00) 17:13 Elegant Elliot Offen First Time In Studio (7-25-00) 20:57 Beetlejuice For Senator (8-4-00) 20:03 Elegant Elliot Offen (8-14-00) 29:07 Backstage At The MTV Video Music Awards (9-8-00) 43:05 Stuttering John Live From The Miracle House (9-27-00) 59:55 Sgt. Beetlejuice (10-26-00) 22:30 Porn-O-Ween Contest (10-31-00) 35:32 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf And David Blaine (11-29-00) 27:35 Win Fred's Money w/ Pete (12-13-00) 21:38 Elegant Elliot Offen (1-16-01) 36:40 Testosterone Test And Results (1-25-01 & 11-11-01) 30:59 Beetlejuice vs. Gary The Retard - Battle Of Wits (1-26-01) 31:55 Nutty Ruby (2-15-01) 13:27 Fred Gets Hypnotized (3-13-01) 41:26 Beetlejuice, Celebrity Q Ratings (3-14-01) 41:21 KC And High Pitch Eric's NCAA Final Four Trip (4-1 & 2-01) 52:10 Beetlejuice Sits In On The News (4-6-01) 52:19 Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf, Crackhead Bob, Nicole The Nude Painter / Is Carly A Star? (4-19-01) 51:14 Beetlejuice Meets Camille (5-1-01) 40:19 Howard's Clog (6-6-01) 20:16 Sarah Silverman (6-15-01) 30:03 Beetlejuice vs. Johnny T-Bone (6-27-01) 18:27 AJ Benza Punches Stuttering John (7-24-01) 1:37:21 Billy Meets Beetlejuice (8-1-01) 24:48 Gary Busey (8-2-01) 36:02 Gilbert Gottfried, Richard Jeni (8-14-01) 1:17:05 Beetlejuice, Arden Myrin (8-22-01) 35:56 Bangin' w/ Beetlejuice (8-23-01) 1:01:03 World Trade Center Coverage (9-11-01) 1:43:38 Beetlejuice As Uncle Sam (9-19-01) 22:59 Paul McCartney (10-18-01) 51:21 Beetlejuice The Idiot Savant (10-25-01) 30:50 High Pitch Eric vs. The Fish (12-4-01) 22:23 Two Women Make Out With Beetlejuice For Prizes (12-6-01) 22:48 Yaqi The Tickler (1-25-02) 53:14 Riley Martin Sells Tickets To The Mothership (2-12-02) 15:38 Elegant Elliott Offen And His Girlfriend (2-15-02) 27:23 Beetlejuice The Prisoner (3-8-02) 24:55 Raymond Norman - The Oprah Guy (3-28-02) 23:01 Weakest Dink (3-28-02) 36:38 Donna Talks To The Animals (4-22-02) 27:47 Henry Hill (5-3-02) 47:47 Plane To L.A. (6-7-02) 11:03 Katia Corriveau (6-7-02) 33:39 Staff Confessions Game (6-21-02) 56:49 Rhode Island Station IDs (8-9-02) 11:42 Eric The Midget's First Call (9-19-02) 7:30 It's Just Wrong: Brother / Sister (9-25-02) 58:25 Tom Fights His Suit (9-26-02) 18:09 Howard Drunk At Party (10-7-02) 21:04 It's Just Wrong: Father / Daughter (10-18-02) 39:18 Wack Packers Sit In On The News (11-7-02) 15:42 Beetlejuice To Sleep On Billboard (11-18-02) 28:21 Artie vs. High Pitch Eric - Treadmill Challenge (11-18-02) 28:46 Stump The Booey w/ Mike And Michelle (12-20-02) 26:43 Various Calls From Hateman (2003) 28:51 Stump The Booey w/ James And Jen (1-16-03) 36:13 Evil KaBeetlejuice, The Tattoo Bros. (1-23-03) 28:32 Stump The Booey w/ Carl And Allison (2-3-03) 25:05 The Ultimate PPV Event Ever? (3-03) 2:48:42 The New And Improved Jeff The Drunk (5-16-03) 29:37 Artie And Stuttering John's Comedy Weekend (5-19-03) 51:08 Real Or Fake w/ Rita G (5-27-03) 31:43 Speaking Italian (7-5-03) 14:00 Robin And Gary's Trip To Amsterdam (7-21-03) 15:36 Stump The Booey w/ Lee And Lisa (7-30-03) 14:31 Robin Has Accident (9-4-03) 7:38 Eric The Midget: Nothing To Say (9-11-03) 5:37 Vinnie Favalie Love Tapes (10-14-03) 38:44 Stuck On Jeff The Drunk (12-10-03) 24:23 Wheel Of Beetlejuice (12-18-03) 23:10 Howard vs. Ronnie (1-13 & 14-04) 48:22 Wack Pack Jury (2-2-04) 31:05 Artie's Arrests Stories (1-9-04) 15:53 Eric The Midget Wants To Give A Speech (3-18-04) 6:00 Win Fred's Money w/ Over Confident Jarrett (3-19-04) 24:29 Riley Martin Voicemail (3-23-04) 11:08 Chris Rock (4-15-04) 44:39 Jeff The Drunk And Cindy (5-17-04) 12:31 Beetlejuice's Family (5-19-04) 26:16 Eric The Midget: Movie Star? (6-8-04) 14:22 Artie's Pig Suit Story (6-15-04) 14:30 Eric The Midget: Night Of The Midget (6-22-04) 11:28 Benjy Screams For Peace (7-23-04) 25:44 Party In Pamela Anderson's Hotel Room (8-4-04) 2:01:56 KC Wins $300K (8-18-04) 32:45 Beetlejuice And KC Going On A Trip (8-19-04) 30:42 Aurora Snow (8-24-04) 34:26 Acting Out Scenes w/ Wack Packers (12-3-04) 45:55 Howard Goes To Dinner With Richard And Sal (1-4-05) 9:28 BaBa Battleship (1-5-05) 26:20 Eric The Midget: American Dreams Rehearsal (1-24-05) 20:04 Artie Calls In Sick (1-31 & 2-1-05) 12:46 Is Wendy The Retard A Racist? (2-3-05) 15:39 Caller Wants To Nail Hot Female Friend (2-4-05) 23:22 Ash Wednesday Stories (2-14-05) 10:34 Beetlejuice The Heavyweight Champion (2-16-05) 22:30 Eric The Midget: Entertainment Reporter (3-9-05) 8:45 Pat O'Brian Voicemail Saga (4-4 & 5-05, 5-5-05, 1-9-06) 1:26:24 Win Fred's Money w/ Steve And Shayna (4-11-05) 25:29 Sal's Odd Request (4-14-05) 48:09 Sal Caught Red Handed (4-21-05) 14:13 Eric The Midget: Messin' With Eric (5-3-05) 11:18 Beetlejuice Meets Gilbert Gottfried (5-5-05) 10:00 Weakest Dink (6-7-05) 32:52 Willie Nelson (8-17-05) 32:04 Sal Sleeps At Richard's Apartment (9-12-05) 14:22 Elephant Boy's Mess (9-12-05) 30:50 Stevie Wonder (10-20-05) 1:04:40 Artie's Hooker Love Story (10-21-05) 25:24 Beetlejuice (10-28-05) 13:48 Eric The Midget: No Phone Sex (11-15-05) 15:39 Fake Arnold Pranks George Takei (1-10-06) 15:44 Artie's Staff Revelation (1-17-06) 14:21 Rachel Hunter Bails On Interview (1-18-06) 16:47 Let's F Some Whores! (1-18-06) 12:01 The Reverend Bob Levy Celebrity Roast (1-27-06) 1:01:49 Jenna Jameson, P. Diddy (2-1-06) 54:02 JD And Kissyphur (2-2-06) 24:01 Kendra Jade (2-7-06) 36:00 Fred The Elephant Boy Sex Stories (2-8-06) 37:34 Eric The Midget: Radio Show Host (2-13-06) 14:47 Richard Gets Waxed (2-13-06) 45:55 Misty The Wacky Prostitute (2-21-06) 43:06 Eric The Midget Calls In: American Idol, What Does Eric Do All Day? (2-24-06) 22:19 Operation Tissue Retrieval (2-28-06) 25:05 Elegant Elliot Offen Goes Crazy! (3-2-06) 15:24 Gilbert Gottfried, Red Peters (3-1-06) 53:08 Artie's Dirty Cop Stories (3-8-06) 30:59 Elegant Elliot Offen Goes Crazy...Again! (3-10-06) 9:12 Richard Streaks Through The Cosmo Channel Party (3-14-06) 41:36 Beetlejuice (3-21-06) 29:11 Artie Reenacting Godfather Scenes, Drug Stories (3-22-06) 27:00 Mike Walker Accident (3-24-06) 12:47 Porn Stars Demonstrate Wild Sex Machines (3-28-06) 1:05:25 Bobby Badfingers (4-05-06) 20:52 Sal And Gary's Weekend With Beetlejuice (4-18-06) 37:38 Crystal Clear (4-21-06) 1:02:38 Beetlejuice, Jodie Moore (5-2-06) 43:21 Crazy Alice Calls In (5-2-06) 27:48 Eric The Midget Measures Himself (5-22-06) 11:27 Riley Martin's Salary Problems (5-24-06) 30:32 Sal The Stockbroker Apology (5-26-06) 55:50 Eric The Midget's Parents (6-5-06) 25:04 The Roast Of Artie Lange (6-8-06) 3:23:36 Artie vs. Crazy Alice (6-15-06) 24:05 High Pitch Mike Goes To Disney Land Alone (6-25-06) 38:52 Cheap Trick (6-26-06) 34:08 Eric The Midget: Will Eric Fly With Balloons? (6-27-06) 37:29 Artie vs. Andrew Dice Clay And The Missing $5,000 (7-18-06) 1:12:48 Jeff The Drunk Wants A Job (7-31-06) 22:04 The Next Wack Packer: Bigfoot (8-3-06) 44:37 Joe Walsh And The James Gang (8-21-06) 40:09 Beetlejuice (8-22-06) 34:42 Sal's Adventures In The Booths (9-6-06) 9:24 Artie vs. Crazy Alice (9-14-06) 10:29 Artie vs. Crazy Alice (9-21-06) 13:03 Gilbert Gottfried (9-27-06) 1:26:43 Artie vs. Crazy Alice (9-28-06) 13:05 Beetlejuice Meets Mr. T (10-3-06) 59:18 Playboy Evaluations (10-18-06) 1:07:26 The Roast Of BaBa Booey (10-26-06) 2:04:10 Tracy Morgan (11-1-06) 1:01:00 Gary's Mac-Hine Mistake (11-7 & 8-06) 13:33 The Artie Lange Dating Game (11-9-06) 1:02:37 Opening And Shredding Christmas Gifts (12-14-06) 28:08 Various Calls From Hateman (2007) 19:59 Bubba's Wedding Stories (1-16-07) 40:20 Gilbert Gottfried (1-10-07) 57:29 J.D.'s Miserable Life (1-17-07) 30:00 Porn Stars vs. Slow Adults (2-7-07) 45:45 Eric The Midget Orders A Hit (3-12-07) 27:38 Chris Rock (3-14-07) 1:06:56 Sal's Wife Shoots Him With Paintballs (3-22-07) 40:07 Richard Simmons (4-10-07) 41:32 Gary's Sound & Vision (4-18-07) 13:18 Eric The Midget Calls In: Eric Loves Porn (4-24-07) 23:27 Eric The Midget: No Gay Porn! 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(3-28-17) 33:18 The Odd World Of Sal: Part 4 (3-29-17) 59:11 JD's Twitter & Wedding (4-5-17) 59:43 Richard And His Dad (5-9-17) 38:54 Embedded w/ Bigfoot (5-23-17) 30:29 Goofing On Scott The Engineer / Scott Doesn't Pay (5-24-17) 54:19 Richard Has Accident (6-6 & 7-17) 32:00 Jimmy Iovine (6-26-17) 1:24:28 Steve From Florida's Walk Of Shame (6-28-17) 1:07:26 David Letterman (8-16-17) 1:34:20 Ronnie The Actor (8-16-17) 52:17 Jerry Seinfeld (9-25-17) 1:47:12 Ronnie The Woman? (9-27-17) 1:02:07 Sarah Silverman (10-2-17) 1:10:35 Robert Plant (10-17-17) 1:22:55
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Kendra Wilkinson Twerks Like Miley Cyrus House M.D: House Proves To Wilson He's Dating Cuddy - YouTube Russell Wilson Responds to Ciara Dating Rumors - YouTube Rental Girls Snowskate Kendra Wilkinson Interview - Hugh Hefner, Playboy Master Ex-Playboy Bunny Dating An Alien Popstar by Kendra L. Saunders  Spoiler Free Book Review Match & Rebel Wilson: Let's Make Love!! - YouTube This 18 Year Old Girl is Dating a 68 Year Old Man - YouTube We Finally Know Why This Former Playmate Dumped Her Hubby

  1. Kendra Wilkinson Twerks Like Miley Cyrus
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Kendra Wilkinson Interview - Hugh Hefner, Playboy Master Ex-Playboy Bunny zaranurlisa. ... Gayle King's dating deal breakers Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham - Duration: 36:07. Kendra Wilkinson went from being one of Hugh Hefner's live-in girlfriends at the Playboy Mansion, to a wife and mother faster than you can shake your cottont... GE Rental girls keeping it REAL while keeping it SAFE...while hammered. LET’S MAKE LOVE. No like, actual love with Rebel Wilson in our hot little series about the disaster we call DATING. Match and Rebel Wilson partnered for Let'... We interview a couple for our new series 'Strange Relationships'. We talk to an 18-year-old girl named Stephanie, who is dating a 68-year-old man named Rick.... In order to gain 5 EXTRA ENTRIES to the giveaway for the Crimson Tree Publishing Mystery Box with a print book and swag, you must purchase an ebook physical copy of Dating An Alien Pop Star by ... Russell Wilson is ready to admit that there is someone special in his life, but he's remaining tightlipped as to who that special person is. Kendra Wilkinson demonstrates the Miley Cyrus MTV Video Music Awards 2013 twerking move before season 2 of 'Kendra On Top.' ... Kourtney Kardashian Fans Think Scott Disick Is Dating Addison ... TV Show: House M.D Season: 7 Episode: 2